Install and configure a tftp server

Bogdan Ungureanu

TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) is a simplified version of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). It was designed to be easy and simple. TFTP leaves out many authentication features of FTP and it runs on UDP port 69. As it is very lightweight, it is still used for different purposes.

DHCP explained

Bogdan Ungureanu

DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol and is a network protocol used on IP networks where a DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address and other information to each host on the network so they can communicate efficiently with other endpoints.

Enable DHCP snooping on SG3XX layer 3 switches

Bogdan Ungureanu

DHCP snooping is a security feature that acts as a firewall between untrusted hosts and trusted DHCP servers.

To protect your network against rogue DHCP servers and remove malicious or malformed DHCP traffic, the DHCP snooping needs to be configured on LAN switches to block the unwanted traffic.